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Liquid Screeding

northScreed floor screeders based in Penrith, Cumbria are the North of England's leading contractor of liquid floor screed installation. Our floor screeders strive to perfection on the quality and finish of our work. Offering pumped floor screed solutions at reasonable cost delivered on time with a clean job every time.

northScreed t/a northBuild Ltd. Is part of northbuild who have developed a reputation for exceptional workmanship. We offer bonded, unbonded, floating, and heated screeds. We also offer supply and installation of underfloor heating services. We will travel nationwide to provide you with the best floor screed service.

We offer same day estimates and our work is fully designed and is bba approved. Floor screeders in the North East of England. 

Benefits of liquid screed: Due to self compacting properties of Cemfloor Therm, it is specifically designed for use with underfloor heating systems. Cemfloor Therm screed totally encapsulates the underfloor heating pipework and eliminates air voids which ensures optimal heat transfer from the heating pipework to the screed surface. It can also be installed at much thinner depths compared to traditional sand and cement which ensures ultimate control of the underfloor heating system. When using underfloor heating with Cemfloor, the energy usage and cost are greatly decreased due to the efficiency of the system. High thermal conductivity of the screed and the lower thickness combines to achieve this improved performance but also mean that the response time is substantially reduced so that the whole system will heat up much quicker.

Cemfloor high performance: Cemfloor high performance concrete (HPC) is a specially formulated self compacting concrete containing 10mm aggregate that can be used to create stronger and more durable floor slabs with less shrinkage and increased bay sizes to minimise joints than those constructed with conventional concrete. Higher compressive and flexural strengths are achieved enabling a reduction in slab thickness providing an improved environmental profile. High quality finishes can be achieved without power floating.

Cemfloor non-heated: Cemfloor non-heated is a high performance cement based, free flowing, self compacting liquid screed. It can be installed quickly, foot trafficked in 24-48 hours and has minimal drying shrinkage (<0.05%). It is suitable for a variety of applications; new builds or renovations and single or multi-storey projects. Its drying properties ensure floor coverings of all types can be installed quicker compared to other types of screed available. This significantly speeds up the entire build process.